Less Roles For Women, Complains ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Star Elizabeth Banks

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Less Roles For Women, Complains ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Star Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks made her directorial debut with a smash hit TV series “Pitch Perfect 2”. Bathing in the success of her first role, the stunning actress voiced her opinion by saying that there are not enough roles for women.

Elizabeth was the producer and actress in the 212 original sleeper success that had the who’s who from the film industry including comic actress Rebel Wilson and Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick. Elizabeth took up the reigns for “Pitch Perfect 2”. The series in its introduction stay was at the top of the list in box office. The series went on to accumulate more than seventy million dollars which was five million dollars more than what was made by the original series in the whole of domestic run.

According to Whistlerquestion.com, Elizabeth had voiced her opinion in another incident when she got the feeling of  being underused after working in one of the movies. Now, when it arises to performing, Elizabeth has the same opinion.

According to Vancouversun.com, during a telephonic interview, Banks maintained that she is still not satisfied by the amount of work that is offered to actresses. She was there at the Venice Film Festival and among all the pictures that she had seen, a total of 23, there were only three movies where the lead role was played by a female.

Banks went on to say that she loves what she is doing, and she constantly keeps trying to find methods to do new things and to tell stories, which is her key to staying in this industry. She further added that this way of life has become really significant to her.


According to sources Banks is getting ready to direct one more female led movie. Hold your breath the movie is none other than “Charlie’s Angels”.

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