Lessons in Forgetting Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Lessons in ForgettingLessons in Forgetting is based on a book written by Anita Nair. It won the National Award for best feature film in English. The movie is a story of redemption and forgiveness. It is a story of a single father, JA Krishnamurthy (Adil Hussain), and his attempt to find a closure to the comatose state of his daughter, Smriti (Maya Tideman).

JA Krishnamurthy follows clues to find out what happened to his teen daughter Smritim, who is a drama student. She is only 19 years old and year her life is wasted due to her comatose state.

Then there’s Meera (Roshni Achreja). Her husband disappears, leaving her to take care of their two growing children. She must also deal with her mother and grandmother. As fate would have it, JA meets Meera and she helps him with his quest.

Lessons in Forgetting tackles several issues, such as gender-biased sex selection, female feticide, and male gaze. These are issues that are usually not talked about in India.

The actors in Lessons in Forgetting gave their all in the roles and this is felt in the end result, which is emotional and disturbing. Their performances are sincere and make the scenes feel real and not staged. They make the movie more engaging as urban and rural India meet in between.

A single song is repeated throughout the movie. It adds to the narration of Lessons in Forgetting. The production and cinematography is good despite its low budget. Director Unni Vijayan manages to come up with a good movie, which is his debut feature film.

Vijayan handles the narration and the cast like a veteran. He handles the climax perfectly and makes it a movie worth a watch. It shows a gruesome reality that people should be aware of. It has an international appeal and lots of social relevance.

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