Liam Hemsworth hanging out with his family in L.A!

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Liam Hemsworth was recently spotted in L.A with his mom and his dad today and yesterday. It looks like he’ll be spending his Christmas with his family in California. The Hunger Games star was spotted with his mother, Leonie, the two were seen stopping by a furniture store together to browse the selection in Brentwood.

Liam Hemsworth and his Mum Leonie are seen out in Brentwood, CA

Both mother and son were walking along the side walk together and Liam also made sure that he filled the parking meter. Good on him, nobody wants to deal with such hassles, especially during the holiday season.

Liam Hemsworth Stopping By A Grocery Store In Malibu

Yesterday, Liam was spotted with his old man Craig, in Malibu. Dressed in a casual all black, the two visited a Starbucks before heading off to some grocery shopping.

It has been a while since Liam has been spotted outside, since he has been busy promoting his new film, Catching Fire, from the Hunger Games franchise. Liam had also made headlines prior to his movie when news came out about his break up with the pop star, Miley Cyrus.

Source: EOnline

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