Liam Neeson Returns in Taken 2

By admin | 6 years ago

Liam Neeson Returns in Taken 2Taken 2 has no original idea at all. It even features two songs that were included in Drive. It copies the same plot of the original Taken with sanitized action. You wouldn’t see any gore or blood spewing from the action scenes of this 12A rated movie.

In one of the car chase scenes in Taken 2, the production team opts to have Tick of the Clock, which is one of the songs heard in Drive. It reminds viewers how Drive is more human and bloodier than this movie.

Liam Neeson returns as the retired CIA agent Bryan Mills. He is worried about his daughter Kim’s (Maggie Grace) new boyfriend. He seems to be overprotective with her and it’s a good thing that she is not written as daddy’s fragile little girl.

An Algerian group wants to take revenge on Bryan and they think they are going to get it when they manage to take him and his estranged wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) while they are on a family trip in Istanbul.

Now it is up to Kim to save her parents. Bryan instructs Kim on how to use a map, compass and even a grenade in order to save them. And this part has become very predictable. Maggie Grace deserves praise for performance but the role reminds people of Kim Bauer in 24, the daughter of the main character Jack.

Famke Janssen is now the helpless damsel that needs saving in Taken 2. She is passive all throughout the movie. Her agent must not agree with another Taken movie in the future.

Taken 2 tries to be more layered than the original movie. There is a part where Bryan and the leader of the Algerian group discuss the morality of revenge. But just like the rest of the elements of the movie, it is done in a half-hearted manner. The movie doesn’t stir one’s emotions and leaves the viewers with no lasting impressions.

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