Liam Payne Disses Justin Bieber on Twitter; Says Zayn Malik is ‘Just A Kid’

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Liam Payne Disses Justin Bieber on Twitter; Says Zayn Malik is ‘Just A Kid’
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/One Direction | Liam Payne disses Justin Bieber on Twitter. He also called Zayn Malik a “kid.”

Uh-oh! Liam Payne is known for being direct with his opinions, but has he taken his honesty a bit too far? Liam Payne recently caused a stir among One Directioners, Beliebers, Arianators, and Zayn Malik fans. Quite a list there, right? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

It looks like Payne is in the middle of a massive Twitter feud amongst Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Zayn Malik fans.

According to Daily Mail, Payne posted a photo of the band with him covering Zayn Malik’s face in the poster on Monday, Mr. 23, 2015.

Unfortunately, some One Directioners did not think of the photo as a joke in any way. Some fans lashed out on Payne for the insulting photo and some fans called him out for crossing the line.

A user named Ana Evans commented: “@Real_Liam_Payne what the????? Why are you covering zayn;s face? Am sorry but I cant c da humour in making joke of a frnd’s absence due 2 stress.”

Aside from Directioners calling Payne on the photo, a Belieber/Arianator named Hailey tweeted Payne: “Isn’t it kinda depressing for you to know that Justin Bieber will always be more successful than you? #”

The “Steal My Girl” hit maker replied: “@arianamsccann how many times have I been arrested”

Payne’s tweet caused a massive outburst of tweets from Beliebers and the hashtag #BeliebersWantOneDirectionDead immediately became trending on the social media site.

Payne did not delete the tweet at first despite receiving harsh criticisms from Bieber fans, but he asked fans to “chill out,” saying that it was only a “bit of banter.”

Of course, Directioners came to Payne’s side and defended him from the harsh criticisms. Things turned a bit lighter when the hashtag #Liamhasnochill became trending on twitter.

The hashtag came with a series of memes making fun of the situation and some Beliebers. One meme in particular showed Malik’s face that reads, “Another Day, Another Slay.”

Payne continued with his tweets and said: “My room is full of fire extinguisher,” probably referring to his stand at being in the center of tweets from angry fans.

Things don’t just stop there, though, as The Spec cited (via Inquisitr) that Payne said Malik is “just a kid.” According to the outlet, Payne thinks that Malik is really interested in making music, however, he cannot catch up with the fame that comes with it.

“Zayn would be happy with a low-key life. He has a problem with the fame – he doesn’t handle the situation very well,” the source added.

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Photo Source: Facebook/One Direction


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