The Librarians Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers: The Librarians VS Frost Giants [VIDEO]

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The Librarians Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers: The Librarians VS Frost Giants [VIDEO]
the librarians season 3 episode 3

The Librarians Season 3 Episode 3 And The Reunion of Evil airs on Sunday, Dec. 4 on TNT.

The librarians will meet a new villain who is definitely a cold piece of work. WARNING: Spoilers Ahead! Read on at your own risk.

Episode 2 Recap

Carsen (Noah Wyle) made his appearance yet again in Episode 2. He and his team try to find Charlene (Jane Curtin) as the latter already retired from her post.

They tracked her down via her amulet. Their search led them to Alberta where a supercollider facility is located. However, it seems that they were already too late.

An explosion mysteriously happened. The episode then revealed that the Egyptian god Anubis got loose following the incident. Charlene, sadly, died from the said explosion. Meanwhile, the crew at the site transformed into werewolves.

the librarians seaosn 3
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In And the Fangs of Death, the team bounced back and defeated Anubis. They also learned that Charlene is still alive. It seems that their meeting was not a coincidence as Apep is still on the loose.

As the guardian of the first Librarian, Charlene is the only one who knows to defeat Apep. The episode ended with Carsen as he started his second search for her.

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The Librarians Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers

According to Spoiler TV, the team had a weird experience during an “ordinary” retrieval routine. The synopsis for The Librarians Season 3 Episode 3 revealed that a glowing blue artifact will attach itself to Cassandra (Lindy Booth).

The team took shelter in a sketchy hotel during a blizzard. Why sketchy, you say? During their stay, the place place is currently hosting a demon convention. Meanwhile, Jenkins introduces the so-called frost giants. He added that they might also be after the said artifact.

The teaser trailer also showed that these creatures will do everything even kidnap the Librarians. Now, it is up to Eve and the remaining members to bring them back.

Actor Noah Wyle will direct the episode written by Kate Rorick. The Librarians Season 3 Episode 3 And the Reunion of Evil marks his second attempt as a director. Wyle previously helmed Season 2 Episode 5 And The Hollow Men in 2015.

The Librarians Season 3 airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on TNT.

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