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What if there comes a time in the future that everyone were stripped off the ability to start a family? The dystopian theme among books, movies and even TV series continues with “The Lottery.” The cast members include Marley Shelton (“Grindhouse,” “The Eleventh Hour”), Michael Graziadei (“The Young and the Restless”), David Alpay (“The Vampire Diaries”), Athena Karkanis (“The Best Years”), Yul Vazquez (“Seinfield”), Shelley Conn (“Terra Nova”) and Martin Donovan (“Homeland,” “Weeds”). Read on to find more about Lifetime’s “The Lottery,” which premieres on Sunday, July 20, 2014.

The upcoming post-apocalyptic, conspiracy thriller series was created by “Children of Men” and “Boycott” writer Timothy J. Sexton. It is executive produced by Sexton, Rick Eid (“Hostages”), Dawn Olmstead (“Prison Break”) and Danny Cannon (“Nikita”) through Warner Horizon Television and Grady Girl Productions.

According to Deadline, Lifetime General Manager Rob Sharenow announced for the 10-episodes season order of “The Lottery.” Sharenow considered the series as “one of the most provocative and original” concepts that the network got. It is set to join the other upcoming Lifetime series including “Un-Real” and Nicholas Sparks’ “Deliverance Creek.

“The Lottery” will begin after a global infertility happened in a dystopian future. It was due to the fact that the last babies were born five years ago including the child of recovering alcoholic and single father named Kyle (Michael Graziadei).

The possibility of the extinction of the human race had made a lot of people go through extreme measures. Conflicts over domination and power will continue to arise as the people become desperate in having a child of their own. These include the U.S. First Lady Gabrielle (Shelley Conn) and a soldier named Casey (Lesley-Ann Brandt).

Brilliant fertility specialist Dr. Alison Scott (Marley Shelton) has made remarkable breakthrough that led to the fertilization of 100 embryos. She is joined by her lab assistant and colleague, James (David Alpay). It was too late that they found out about the “life-and-death consequences” when director Darius Hayes (Martin Donovan) of the U.S. Fertility Commission took over.

The current President of the United States (Yul Vazquez) had started the national lottery, where 100 embryos would be raffled for the lucky surrogates. The decision was made after it was suggested by his Chief of Staff Vanessa Keller (Athena Karkanis), who has made her way to the top through her political tricks. Another addition to the “Washington power elite” is Tori (Louise Lombard). She is a former artist who now works as a spinmeister and writer for the president.

And that’s it for the preview of Lifetime’s “The Lottery.” It premieres on Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. on Lifetime. Check out Movie News Guide (MNG)  regularly for more news and updates on your favorite TV series, upcoming movies and Hollywood celebrities.

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