Lightsabers in ‘Fallout 4’! Mod Lets Players Wield Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Weapon

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
Lightsabers in ‘Fallout 4’! Mod Lets Players Wield Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Weapon

As if we need any more reason to love both “Fallout” and “Star Wars,” out comes a mod that aims to realize probably every geek’s life dream: wielding and waving around the iconic lightsaber out in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of “Fallout 4.”

The mod, called “Lightsaber Renew” was made by user invalidfate for the critically-acclaimed Bethesda RPG that lets players roam the wastelands with their custom created character. Screen Rant adds that the mod not only lets players use a lightsaber, but also adds robots, super mutants, and a slew of other unimaginable creatures that are based from the “Star Wars” universe. The weapon comes complete with the saber sound effects, too (of course), and players can choose from a variety of colors (pink, red, blue, green) because, hey, what are lightsabers without the gleaming pastel shades, right?

The character creation screen also adds more options that befit a “Star Wars” mod of this magnitude, as players can now reportedly create a character that resemble their favorite Sith Lord or Jedi master — or, well, why not pull all the stops and play someone that looks like Darth Vader himself?

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Game Rant adds that this isn’t the only mod for “Fallout 4,” in fact, it can be argued that one of the main reasons players find Bethesda games entertaining and highly successful is because they tend to be open to mods, as evidenced by classics like The Elder Scrolls games: Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. Various user-generated content additions and modifications ranging from enhanced graphics to detailed weapon racks makes “Fallout 4” a game that has virtually infinite replay value; offering hours of content due to its highly moddable nature.

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Anyway, for those who already own “Fallout 4” and want to get a taste of the “Star Wars” madness that is recently hitting at its core, you can download the mod for free at Nexus Mods right now (for PC only).

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