With ‘Like’, ‘Dislike’ Option to be Available Soon on Facebook

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
With ‘Like’, ‘Dislike’ Option to be Available Soon on Facebook

If liking something is important, then disliking is also important as sometimes it paves way for improvements and at other times it shows compassion. It seems Facebook is considering this thought seriously because its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on September 15, confirmed about introducing the dislike button feature on the social networking site soon.

Zuckerberg during a Q&A session at the Facebook’s headquarters revealed, “I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. Today is a special day because today is the day I can say we’re working on it and shipping it.” He further stated, “What they [users] really want is the ability to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment.”

In the session, the 31 year-old talks about the complications of creating the dislike button as it can be used for down voting other people’s posts but the decision of its implementation on broader scale will be taken after receiving results from the testing phase. He also informed that the testing phase for the same will be launched soon.

He shared his idea behind the development of the dislike button with the audience in the same event. He expressed, “If you are sharing something that is sad…then it may not feel comfortable to ‘like’ that post.”

We really appreciate the talent with which Zuckerberg has created this unique platform called Facebook and know that whatever he’ll do, he’ll going to rock in that. One of the qualities hold by this famous personality is of encouraging the young minds and he does the same by inviting the 14-year-old Muslim boy named Ahmed Mohamed to Facebook’s headquarters who got arrested for building a digital clock from a pencil case.

“Having the skill and ambition to build something cool should lead to applause, not arrest. The future belongs to people like Ahmed,” Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook profile. “Ahmed, if you ever want to come by Facebook, I’d love to meet you. Keep building,” further added the CEO.

Well, with all such praiseworthy qualities Zuckerberg is setting great examples before young minds and we will wish him all the best and may he achieve success in all of his future endeavors.

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