Like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner Pierces Her Nipple And Flashes The Ring, Kendall In Highest-Paid Models List?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner Pierces Her Nipple And Flashes The Ring, Kendall In Highest-Paid Models List?
Kendall Jenner with Gigi Hadid

The young and beautiful American fashion model Kendall Jenner finally opted to trot on the track of her younger sister Kylie Jenner by having her nipple pierced. But she did not keep it secret, though if you can’t show pierced nipple or at least protruded part of it through your skin tight garment, then what’s the purpose of doing so and suffering lot of pain? Read on.

On September 16, the 19-year old Kendall was spotted looking sexy at the Harper’s Bazaar Icon event in the New York City as she was clad in a white gown that totally showed off her nipple ring.

According to Hollywood Life, she tried to keep her look fairly simple mainly for the event. Other than her nipple ring, she did not wear any other jewelry and her hair was kept freely hanging straight on her shoulder. Even she might have become tired for her few days ramping her exclusive range of products at the New York Fashion Week, but she was looking fresh and beautiful in her white halter dress. In the photograph, you will find her with another young model Gigi Hadid, who was also in the event.

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Forbes has released a video and report on all the top lingerie models that includes the names of 35-year old Gisele Bundchen, who earns $44 million every year followed by 23-year old Cara Delevingne earning $9 per annum. However, the media outlet has figured out Kendall’s ranking 16 and she has stood as youngest member of the highest paid models list having a salary of $4 million every year.

This study was an attempt to gauge the image visibility of models, not just the money they earn. According to General Manager of The Society Management, Chris Gay, “Kendall’s generation is more influenced by digital media than television, magazines or any other forms of advertising.” We wish Kendall for her success!

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Photo Source: Twitter/Kendall Jenner

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