Like Someone in Love Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Like Someone in Love MovieLike Someone in Love is about a man who hires a girl from an escort service so that he can have someone to talk to. Takashi (Tadashi Okuno) is the man and he is already in his eighties. Writer-director Abbas Kiarostami tells the tale of a man who is looking for somebody to bury him under a cherry tree when he commits suicide.

The movie doesn’t have any background music but it features a rendition of Jimmy Van Heuseun’s Like Someone in Love, which is made for the movie Belle of the Yukon. Takashi is like someone in love but not in a romantic manner. He is looking for someone to take the place of his granddaughter. The escort, Akiko (Rin Takanashi), is seeking for a protector.

Like Someone in Love is for patient viewers. It feels like a docudrama. It is a character driven movie with lots of dialogue. The conversations are enough to reveal the dreams of the people in the movie. In the opening sequence, viewers are taken to a bar in Tokyo’s entertainment district, which is filled with young women talking to one another as if it was a place to socialize after work.

Hiroshi (Denden), Akiko’s pimp, insists that she take a long cab ride with a man he respects. Takashi is the old man the pimp is referring to. He is a professor with a flat full of books and a copy of a famous painting.

Akiko is a university student who is paying her way via providing escort services. She agrees to visit the professor but she falls asleep after eating the dinner he had prepared for them. She is driven back to the college by the professor where she meets her boyfriend (Ryo Kase).

Like Someone in Love is slow and takes place in long, continuous takes. It has a melodramatic ending that would surprise the audience. You see if coming but it just seems not connected with the rest of the movie.

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