Lil Wayne Found Out That Instagram Is ‘Nothing But Trouble’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Lil Wayne Found Out That Instagram Is ‘Nothing But Trouble’
PHOTOGRAPH: Lil Wayne | Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne delighted his fans when he posted a new song on YouTube that is going to be on the soundtrack of the documentary, “808.” The song is titled “Nothing but Trouble” and is inspired by his recent commentary on Instagram.

Lil Wayne had surprised his fans by joining in on the Instagram fun in March, early this year. He then proved that he is not just a rapper but also a social commentor when he posted this song as an expose on the vanity involved in posting pictures on social media.

The song is heavy on meaningful import, MTV reports. “She just wanted to be popular/ Uh, she just wanted ten thousand followers,” Wayne raps over the music. Then he goes on to say, “Oh, she posted, she posted, she posted/ They like it, they like it, repost it/She party promoting, she hosting/ She posing, legs open, provoking/ It got my head smoking, I tried to act like I don’t notice/ Emotions, emotions, emotions, lord.”

The documentary “808” is soon to be out. It chronicles the celebration of the Roland 808 drum machine which has been instrumental to the rise of new music both in the rap music genre as well as the rock music genre. The documentary has been described as lacking in finesse, but good as far as the camera work is concerned.

Lil Wayne’s real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. He is from New Orleans. He was the youngest artist to be signed on by the Cash Money Records. His musical career many hit songs and several platinum albums. Lil Wayne recently beat Elvis Presley as the only male to have the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He has so far placed 109 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Lil Wayne’s next album, ‘Free Weezy Album’, comes out on July 4.

Photo Source: Facebook\Lil Wayne

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