Lil Wayne to Bring along Drake & Nicki Minaj upon Leaving Cash Money Records

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Lil Wayne to Bring along Drake & Nicki Minaj upon Leaving Cash Money Records

With his album’s release blocked by his own mentor and label, Lil Wayne says he’s had enough and wants to leave Cash Money Records, but not without his batch of talents from Young Money Entertainment.

TMZ reports that the release of his latest album “Tha Carter V” being canceled the last straw. Lil Wayne reportedly threatens to leave the recording label. But apparently he doesn’t want to leave just yet, not until he’s finished suing former mentor and label co-owner Birdman of the $8 million advance he was promised.

To add fuel to the fire, Lil Wayne is planning on taking along the talents of his imprint Young Money Entertainment. His list of talents includes Drake, Nicki Minaj, Christina Milian, Lil Twist and Mack Maine, who also happens to be Young Money Entertainment’s president.

But with his talents currently signed up for a distribution deal with Cash Money Records, this sounds like a long legal battle between both sides. reported that the YME talents right smack in the middle of the battlefield. As of the moment, Lil Wayne has not yet made any statements regarding his further actions on the issue.

Even though Lil Wayne wants to bring along his talents upon his exit, some of the talents may find themselves struggling on the idea. On her part, Nicki Minaj is seemingly hoping that both sides will be able to patch things up between them. During an interview with Power 106 LA, Minaj likens her being a part of Cash Money Records and being quite close with Lil Wayne as that of a family.

“We are a family. And just like in [real] families, we have our moments… I’ve gotten so much closer to Wayne lately. Wayne is his own person. He’s a businessman and whatever decision Wayne makes, I would never in my life speak against it publicly….even if I didn’t agree. And Baby (Birdman’s other nickname) has always been one of my best friends in the game. And I know that they love each other; that’s family,” Minaj said in the interview as posted by Bossip.

How do you think the on-going feud between Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records with Birdman will end? Post your comments below.

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