‘Limitless’ CBS TV Series to Make Bradley Cooper Dubious; Tricky and Self-Centered Plots in Works

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Limitless’ CBS TV Series to Make Bradley Cooper Dubious; Tricky and Self-Centered Plots in Works
“Limitless” TV series shows Bradley Cooper’s character dubious.

Actor and producer Bradley Cooper is set to appear in CBS’ latest drama and crime series “Limitless” on its premiere day Sept. 22, 2015. Is his role going to be dubious? Read on for more details.

At the Television Critics Association fall previews, film writer Alex Kurtzman told reporters that Cooper wanted to come back in “Limitless.”

“We’ve been talking quite a bit about how to bring him back and in what capacity,” Kurtzman said.

Cooper would be repeating his role as Eddie Morra once the “Limitless” TV series has its first showing. And it was said that in this series, TV Guide reported Eddie would have unclear motives as well as having a dubious character.

“Certainly, there’s something going on there, and so the plan is that there may be people who speak for him, but Eddie will return,” Kurtzman said.

Cooper previously starred in the “Limitless” film as Eddie. Cooper’s character is an author who was suffering from a writer’s block. After taking brain-enhancing NZT, Eddie’s intelligence skyrocketed, which made him a superhuman.

Eddie managed to land massive successes such as becoming an expert in playing the piano, fluent in various languages, and hitting large profits in the stock market. However in the course of time, the side effects of the drug occurred. It leads him to experience a series of blackouts.

Eddie got involved in a murder, which he could not recall because of the memory loss. This led him to be a fugitive and caused him to hide in his purchased penthouse.

To reverse the side effects, Eddie hired a laboratory and experimented on it. He encountered villains who had knowledge about his NZT drug.

In the end, Eddie was able to reverse engineer the drug, stopped his enemies, and published his book “The Dark Fields.” He would then become President of the United States.

In the “Limitless” TV series, it would star Jake McDorman as Brian Finch. He too was a user of the NZT drug.

Brian would be working in the FBI to help solve complicated cases. Eddie, who also used NZT, would then appear as a presidential candidate and would have some personal plans for Brian.

McDorman said that Cooper would talk to him time to time about the series, Associated Press reported via Business Insider.

“I’m thankful for his availability,” McDorman said.

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