Limitless Season 2 Renewal Update: New Season Talks Continue Despite Cancellation

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Limitless Season 2 Renewal Update: New Season Talks Continue Despite Cancellation

Limitless Season 2 might go on air despite the fact that the official announcement has already been made related to the show’s cancellation. The fans have been petitioning for a new season all this while and it could possibly come.

Reports suggest that if Season 2 goes on air, fans can expect a crossover with Breaking Bad Season 6. It would be the biggest crossover to make it to the TV screens in 2017. Reports also claim that the showrunners are engaged in the negotiations, and are discussing things out.

Why Limitless Season 2 Crossover Might Not Happen?

Well, there is a reason that can make one believe that the crossover thing involving Breaking Bad Season 6 might not happen. The two series are from different networks and it might make a crossover difficult to come. While Limitless has been a product of CBS, Breaking Bad is from AMC.


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Why a Breaking Bad Season 6 Crossover Can Take Place? 

But it has been reported that creators might strike a deal so that a crossover can take place involving Limitless Season 2 and Breaking Bad Season 6. Actor Bradley Cooper, who happens to be one of the executive producers of the CBS serieshas not yet made any comment about it.

It can be expected that Limitless Season 2 storyline would show Brian Finch along with Breaking Bad character, Jesse Pinkman. The characters have witnessed events involving drugs, so there is something common between their life stories. This is also one of the reasons that the crossover is highly speculated.

Bradley Cooper reportedly might not act in Limitless Season 2. It has been reported that he might want to give all his time to his relationship with Irina Shayk. The Victoria’s Secret model is pregnant, reports Game N Guide.

Do you think Limitless Season 2 will go on air? Will a crossover with Breaking Bad Season 6 take place? What plot twists do you expect in the new season? Comments below!

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