Lindsay Lohan as a Washed Up Actress in The Canyons

By admin | 4 years ago

Lindsay Lohan movieLindsay Lohan is the main attraction of The Canyons. She plays Tara, a former actress and her small-time producer boyfriend Christian (James Deen). Their rocky relationship has led her to have an affair with Ryan (Nolan Funk).

Christian hires Ryan as an actor in a movie. He doesn’t know about the thing between Ryan and Tara. Since Christian and Tara have sex even with strangers, this should not have mattered. But after Christian discovers Tara’s disloyalty, he leads her and Ryan through a series of events full of trickery and desire.

Lindsay Lohan plays a washed up actress who is vulnerable and topless at times. This is her first leading role in a movie after making I Know Who Killed Me in 2007. She is believable when she regrets her life as a struggling actress. Her acting certainly echoes her real life.

But in other scenes, she fails. Fimmaker Paul Schrader failed to bring the actress out of her slump. The director is known for dissecting vice, violence and decadence and this are all present in The Canyons. It is evident that he tries to use Lohan’s limited acting range in her favor but he is limited by the script written by Bret Easton Ellis.

The Canyons might be the weakest film made by Schrader. It is tedious to watch and even dullest when Lohan is not part of the scene. She has fallen out of grace and all that is left is redemption or further destruction. Even with all its faults, The Canyons is still considered a salvation for Lohan from her cameos in movies such as Scary Movie 5 and Machete.

While you might be curious how Lindsay Lohan does in a leading role after her fall, The Canyons is not the movie you should be watching. It is a boring erotic thriller.

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