Lindsay Lohan Can’t Stay Sane And Sober; Caught Drunk Again!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Lindsay Lohan Can’t Stay Sane And Sober; Caught Drunk Again!
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has the penchant to be in the news all the time. Shortly, after hearing that the lady had finally completed her probation after eight years, one hears of her getting drunk again. The girl’s gone too wild to keep herself in check and we worry about her. We really do.

When Lindsay Lohan made a move to London, because she had to play a part in David Mamet’s play, “Speed the plow,” we applauded the move as we hoped that the girl will find her bearings again and get her life back on track. That was the beginning of 2015, and half way into the year we have already read stories of the girl getting naked after a wedding and getting tipsy on a beach.

Apparently, probation didn’t change her into a responsible adult, she was just biding her time until such time when she freed to do whatever she wants with her life again. The moment they let her off the hook, she was upto her old ways again. Getting drunk and wasted and partying her shoes off whenever she could.

Last heard, she was seen stumbling back to her yatch in St. Tropez, heels in hand, and too drunk to notice that she was going to get into trouble again. Or maybe she was already into big trouble and now there was no way she was getting out of it. That was August 30th. A little while ago Lindsay was also found running naked to her villa after having drunk a drug laced drink at Justin Etzin’s wedding. What is wrong with you, girl?

Recently Lindsay Lohan boasted that she hadn’t aged one bit since she started working an actress. Well, that’s really a shame, Lindsay! Sometimes growing up is a good thing. Yes, your beautiful flaming red hair may dull in color with age and you might end up trading your freckles for wrinkles, but all in all, responsibility changes you for the better. Why don’t you try growing up a little? It might just agree with you!

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