Lindsay Lohan: Celebrating Probation-Free Life with New Boyfriend Mathia Milani In Italy

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago
Lindsay Lohan: Celebrating Probation-Free Life with New Boyfriend Mathia Milani In Italy
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been celebrating completing her eight-year community service probation period with her boyfriend Mathia Milani in Italy. Lindsay and her romantic Italian getaway wavered goodbye to Venice on Monday as they returned back to the UK.

According to reports from Lainey Gossip, “After working so hard to complete her community service, Lindsay Lohan spent the weekend in Venice, Italy with Mathia Milani, supposedly her new boyfriend.”

“The 28-year-old actress and her handsome beau were so sync following their breakup that they were wearing co-coordinating cream trousers,” told Mail Online.

The said that Lindsay has “finally completed her eight-year probation period,” and she is “already back living the high life.”

The “Mean Girls” star was spotted with her rumored new boyfriend in Venice, and she “looked totally carefree (but not exactly streak-free) as she wandered the streets smoking a cigarette,” told the source.

The source also added that Lindsay was “wearing a floral off-the-shoulder dress and Chanel belt, with a Hermes bag and a mean-looking tan as she meandered around the popular tourist destination with a ciggie dangling out of her mouth, proving once and for all money can’t buy class.”

LiLo was then celebrating her probation-free life with the Italian businessman Mathia Milani. After some sightseeing, the pair settled in a restaurant, where they kissed & cuddled amorously and fed each other at the table. The actress also had red wine during the meal.

Lohan also posted on Instagram that, “Hard work pays off. Thank you to all those that allowed me to volunteer while in nyc. God bless you all. Amen.”

Lindsay Lohan perhaps celebrated the first time for successfully completing the eight years probation period of her 125 hours of community volunteering. Lindsay and her beau headed back to the UK on Monday, 2 June, after their romantic getaway.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Lindsay Lohan

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