Lindsay Lohan is Flirting with Disaster Again: Refuses to Pay Dinner Bill After an Expensive Dinner

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Lindsay Lohan is Flirting with Disaster Again: Refuses to Pay Dinner Bill After an Expensive Dinner

Lindsay Lohan can’t seem to stay out of trouble. She reportedly refused to pay her bill after she had dined heartily at a restaurant in Greece!

According to Life & Style Magazine and Radar Online news, Lindsay Lohan was upto her old tricks again when she was prancing about with her many guy friends in Greece. She reportedly invited about ten of her guy friends to dinner in Mykonos, Greece, but refused to pay the bill after they had partaken of the scrumptious feast of exotic crab legs and lobsters. The restaurant staff was obviously not amused, and they reportedly spent three days looking for Lohan and finally coaxed one of her guy friends to front the tab. The photos say it all.

Lohan’s story is the story of celebrity gone wrong. Lohan was a promising child star; she had a starry future laid out in front of her. But she chose to do some pretty silly things that got her the wrong kind of attention. That’s the trouble with young adults who grow up in the limelight. They get financial freedom early on and squander their money on meaningless pursuits and waste their time breaking the rules that aren’t supposed to be broken. They eventually end up with a wasted life of tired drama and cheap infamy and then they wonder what they might have done wrong.

I am not saying that Lohan is a bad person. She is just clueless about life, so much so that she can’t spot trouble even when it is staring her right in the face. After rehab and the eight year long probation, Lohan should have learned to fly under the radar and stay out of trouble with the authorities. She hasn’t. Somebody should knock some sense into that girl. It’s okay to party when you are sixteen and clueless, but you are supposed to get your bearings by the time you are twenty nine and move on to worthier pursuits. Lohan is still stuck in the troubled phase of young adulthood and she refuses to see that she is all grown up and should act like a grown up.

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Photo Source: Lindsay Lohan / Facebook

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