Lindsay Lohan Asked Emma Stone to Star In Mean Girls Sequel

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Lindsay Lohan Asked Emma Stone to Star In Mean Girls Sequel
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Lindsay Lohan wants to relive her glory days by going back to one of her most successful movies yet: Mean Girls. Last week, the controversial former child star wants to make a follow-up to her 2004 hit teen comedy and she wants Academy Award winner Emma Stone to co-star.

Mean Girls 3 

The 31-year-old has been trying to make a direct sequel to Mean Girls for years now. While there was a straight-to-DVD Mean Girls 2 a couple of years ago, it featured completely different actors and failed to live up to the original.

But Lohan still wants to revisit her character, Cady Heron, and the plastics of North Shore High School. In a tweet, the actor invited Stone to appear in the planned sequel.

“My birthday #trump tweet – Emma stone.. can we film a movie called ‘Mean girls 2’ together? I think we would be friends.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but not before fans took a screen shot. Movie Web also reported that Lohan reached to actor/screenwriter Tina Fey, the genius behind the original movie, about the sequel.

Stone has not responded to the actor’s invitation as of this writing. However, she is not a stranger when it comes to comedy. Before landing roles in award-winning movies such as Birdman and La La Land, the 28-year-old portrayed the role of a wild child in Easy A (alongside another troubled former child star Amanda Bynes). She also appeared in comedies such as Superbad, The House Bunny, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Zombieland.

However, her appearance in Lohan’s Mean Girls 3 would be a long shot considering that Stone is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood today. According to her IMDB, Stone has three projects lined up for 2018 including a Netflix series titled Maniac with Jonah Hill and Disney’s live-action movie Cruella de Vil.

Who Else Will Co-Star?

On the off-chance that Mean Girls 3 will be given the go-signal, fans might see the majority of the cast sign-up. Of course, Lohan will reprise the role of Cady, the homeschooled girl from Africa who became North Shore High’s queen bee. Rachel McAdams who played the now iconic character, Regina George, also stated in a previous interview that she wants to do another movie.

“I loved that movie. I love Tina Fey. I love the girls,” she stated while doing press rounds for Marvel’s Doctor Strange last year (via Mirror). “I mean, to get to kind of have a reunion would be…we got to have a reunion at a photo shoot a couple of years ago and it was over like that and it wasn’t enough. I was back in it.”

Lacey Chabert, who is best known as Gretchen Wieners, also thinks that making a sequel would be fun. She thinks that her character, by now, probably has a lot of children and the heir of the Toaster Strudel Empire (via Express UK).

However, Fey thinks that it is too late for a sequel. In EW‘s special reunion issue two years ago, the screenwriter admitted that she is kicking herself for not doing a sequel soon after Mean Girls was released.

“At the time, we did wanna start the conversation about the sequel and for whatever reason I was like, ‘No! We shouldn’t do that!'” She recalled. “Now I look back and I’m like ‘Why?’ But now, no — it’s too late now.”

Lohan did say that if a sequel gets made, it will be all about the Plastics becoming adults and being “Mean Mums.”

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