Lindsay Lohan Lucky to Walk Out of the Car Crash

By admin | 6 years ago

After Lindsay Lohan crashed her rented Porsche into a dump truck last Friday, police authorities didn’t bother asking for a sample of her blood. According to reports, the police on the scene sent her and her assistant to the hospital to check for injuries. Lindsay Lohan

The police found Lohan to be cooperative after the crash and they felt that drug and alcohol checking procedure was not needed. According to some sources, she was given a portable breathalyzer test as well as other field sobriety tests. She passed them all. She followed all the instructions given by the police officer and cooperated fully.

This was the reason why Lohan was not asked for her blood sample because they already concluded that the actress was not under the influence of drug or alcohol. She was already shaken up with the accident and was told by the police officers that she was lucky to be alive after the crash. It was fortunate for her that she buckled her seat belt, which saved her life.

Lohan is currently on informal probation because of her necklace theft case. She maintains that she was sober during the time of the car crash. After getting medical attention, she returned to the set of the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick.

Police said that Lindsay Lohan walked away from the car crash without visible injuries. She pulled herself out of the wrecked Porsche.

This is not the first time that Lohan was involved in a vehicular accident. In July 2011, it was claimed that she was involved in a hit-and-run but charges were not filed. Her first DUI arrest was in 2007. With her driving record, it would be best for Lifetime to hire a driver for her for the duration of the filming of Liz & Dick. The network would lose a lot of money if she can’t complete the filming of the biopic.

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