Lindsay Lohan Sparks Anger in Social Media by Using the ‘N—a’ Word

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Lindsay Lohan Sparks Anger in Social Media by Using the ‘N—a’ Word
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Rafael Amado Deras/Feb. 28, 2006 | Actress Lindsay Lohan, arriving to the General Motors Annual ten Celebrity Fashion Show. Feb. 28, 2006

There are few things that can’t be easily taken back, especially when said through the social media. Lindsay Lohan learned this the hard way when she posted a photo of Kanye West performing in a packed venue on Instagram, and ended up captioning it with the ‘n—a’ word.

On Tuesday night, March 10, as part of the Paris Fashion Week, Kanye West was onstage performing. Lindsay Lohan, who happened to be in the crowd, took a snapshot of the event and posted it both on Twitter and Instagram. While that was simple enough, Lohan captioned the photo with, “#kanye&kimAlldayn—a$ fun show #PFW #goodpeople=goodlife all from good moms!!!!!! @dinalohan @krisjenner”.

Almost instantly, many people commented on Lohan’s choice of words. Lohan managed to quickly delete her Twitter post and edit her caption in Instagram, changing it into “#kanye&kimAllday” But unfortunately for her, some who had already seen the caption were quicker in getting screenshots and spreading the word.

In a statement Lohan’s representative released via MailOnline on Wednesday, March 11, Lohan apparently based her caption from the lyrics of West’s latest song, ‘All Day’. The representative also added, “She is a friend of his, [and] it is his new song. [Her] intention was not to offend anyone and she apologizes!”

Lohan, on the other hand, is back to using her social media accounts as if nothing happened, like when she posted a photo of her standing outside the Louvre Pyramid. Also, as if to settle things about her ‘n—a’ caption once and for all, she posted a photo of seven identical skeletons, labelled as ‘Black’, ‘White’, ‘Gay’, ‘Straight’, ‘Religious’, ‘Atheist’, and ‘You’. She then captioned the photo with, “Enough Said”.

Usage of racial slur is a common cause of public outrage. Madonna made an apology last year for using the word in an Instagram photo of her son Rocco Ritchie. Celebrity chef Paula Deen also used the word, which eventually ruined her career and is currently working on getting back.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan’s caption and her response to the people who commented on it? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Rafael Amado Deras

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