Linkin Park Cancels Upcoming Shows Because of Singer’s Leg Injury

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Linkin Park Cancels Upcoming Shows Because of Singer’s Leg Injury
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Hunter1323 | Concierto de la banda estadounidense Linkin Park en la Arena Ciudad de México de su gira Living Things, 14 September 2012.

For fans who have been getting excited to watch Linkin Park’s upcoming concert, there may be some disappointment in store. Just today, Linkin Park made some disappointing announcements.

If you recently purchased a ticket for Linkin Park’s upcoming “Hunting Party” tour, you may be in for disappointing news. The band has just announced that they will be canceling the remaining dates of their tour after a leg injury that their frontman, Chester Bennington, has gone through.

On a statement released on Tuesday, Bennington shared how disappointed he was and how impossible it was to continue with the tour after encountering the injury. Sharing that the first couple of shows of their tour were “magical,” the singer says that they will miss the opportunity of not being with their fans for the upcoming weeks. He also shares that they all hope to see their fans again soon.

While many were quick to express their anger at the cancellation of the show, there were others that showed concern for the singer’s injury. Unfortunately, there were no full details on the injury divulged by any of the members of the band. They did say that their singer had to undergo “immediate medical attention.”

The first two shows that were cancelled were the ones for Jan. 20, 2015 in Pittsburgh and Jan. 21, 2015 in Albany, New York. A follow-up note was then posted on the band’s website to announce that the remaining dates up to Feb. 14, 2015 would be canceled. Bennington says that he needs to take proper time to examine how severe the injury is. He has apologized for the disappointments caused by this injury. Those who have tickets for the show are requested to make refunds from where they purchased their tickets from.

The upcoming tour was supposedly for the band’s sixth LP entitled “The Hunting Party.” As Bennington shared with Rolling Stone, this new album was the opposite of their usual “Iridescent” style. The band decided to tone down one or two songs because it has been “fucking crazy” the whole time.

Now that their tour has been cancelled, the band wishes that their fans could still be supportive of them.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Hunter1323

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