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Just like tattoos in any part of the body is a wonderful way of reminding you of something or someone special, similarly a bad tattoo can act as a painful reminder of ignorant mistakes, tacky trends and failed relationships. However, with various removal services on the rise, tattoos are no longer permanent like it used to be previously. Removal of tattoo and replacing it with something beautiful and meaningful is on the rise. Here is a list of celebrities who got inked to what they thought was permanent only to get it removed or replace soon after.

John deppSumita Ganguly | Movie News Guide

1. Johnny Depp: Depp had tattooed his arm which read “Winona Forever”. The tattoo was for his ex girlfriend Winona Ryder. After the failed relationship, he was quick to make a change in the tattoo which now reads “Wino Forever”.

2. Eva Longoria: The actress had three tattoos inked on her body to show her love for ex husband Tony Parker. One representing her wedding date, two jersey number and three initials of Tony Parker.
After her split, she went through the painful process of removing all the three tattoos from her body.

3. Christina Aguilera: Christina has had removal of tattoo done earlier too. However, the one that we are talking about was for Jordan Bratman, her ex husband.
The tattoo had the initials of Jordan Bratman written in Hebrew and also  “I love you always” written in Spanish. However, later she discovered that the initials was misspelled and represented the number 12 instead of the initials of her husband. To cover up, Christina is getting the tattoo removed gradually.


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4. Angelina Jolie: Before her marriage to Brad Pitt, the Mr. & Mrs. Smith actress was married to Billy Bob Thornton briefly and got his name and a dragon inked on her left arm.
After their marriage did not last, Jolie was wise to get the tattoo removed and get it replaced by something whose love will never fade away. This time it was the birthplaces of her biological and adopted kids.

5. Melanie Griffith: She had gotten her right arm tattooed with the name of her husband of 20 years. His name was inked within a heart symbol. Melanie has adopted tattoo removal techniques to get the tattoo removed and has not replaced it with something as yet!

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6. Kaley Cuoco: The old tattoo was removed and covered up quite recently after her bitter breakup with her ex husband Ryan Sweeting. The tattoo which was inked below her neck represented her wedding date to Rayn in roman numbers. She replaced the same by a giant moth. Rayn too has the same tattoo, it remains to be seen what he does with it!

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7. Heidi Klum: Like others, Heidi had dedicated the tattoo to the love of her live, Seal. The tattoo which was done in her right arm had Seal’s name written in a very different font along with four stars. After her breakup with Seal, she got  his name removed but kept the four stars. According to Klum, the star represents the kids that they had together.

8. Denise Richards: The simple tattoo which was inked on her leg represented her then husband Charlie Sheen’s name. When they were no longer together, she covered the tattoo with a colorful and dainty fairy.

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9. Nick Cannon: Nick had got his ex wife Mariah Carey’s name tattooed on his back. Though it was just her name ” Mariah” it covered a considerable portion of his back.
He got it removed and replaced it by a massive tattoo with the Jesus crucifying scene. The tattoo covers his entire back now.

10. Amber Rose: The actress went to a great extent to show her love for her ex husband Wiz Khalifa. She tattooed her husband’s face on her left hand. However she has now covered it up with bright, bold floral design.

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As per tattoo experts, the most common tattoo that they remove in the clinics is that of ex husbands or lovers. They advice people to think a bit long before getting their lover’s name inked in their body as it is a painful process to get it removed.

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