Little Women LA Season 2 Reunion Spoilers + Recap: The Past and the Future

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Little Women LA Season 2 Reunion Spoilers + Recap: The Past and the Future

Another reunion special awaits in the upcoming episode of “Little Women: LA” Season 2 Reunion Part 2, which airs on Wednesday, Apr. 1, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime. Read on to know what is going to happen.

Unlike most reunion specials, especially the final part, Lifetime stated a more positive closure for the second season of “Little Women: LA.” The synopsis simply wrote that the cast gathers to recall the most memorable moments of Season 2, may it be good or bad. After the walk down memory lane, a teaser “of what the future holds” will also be shown. Season 3 is finally happening, maybe? Do not miss the episode to find out.

Previously on Reunion Part 1, Tanika Ray hosted the special. She asked Terra about her pregnant life. Terra was completely positive about the experience despite the struggle. She complained of experiencing temporary blindness on her left eye and intense pain on the abdomen.

Ray proceeded to ask Christy’s opinion about Joe and Terra’s relationship. Christy thought that their relationship is not too solid, so she wished them good luck. Tonya also voiced out her sentiments about Terra telling Elena first about her pregnancy. She got offended because she thought she was the best friend.

Next, a viewer brought up bullying on behalf of Christy. Christy is known to accuse several people as bullies. Her co-stars criticized her for it.

Now, back to pregnancy. Traci revealed about her second miscarriage on Christmas day last year. She admitted that she regretted for not settling down earlier. However, she said she is still positive about a healthy pregnancy.

Ray finally noticed that pregnancy seems to be a big deal for the little women. She asked Christy if there is a certain baby race going on. Christy denied it. Suddenly, her marriage became a topic. Traci thought Christy is the problem because of her insecurities and pride. Terra also criticized Christy for marrying Todd fast.

The scene shifted to show Todd attacking Terra and her family. Terra explained that Todd was so drunk. She was so horrified because of her baby. Elena blamed her for being tactless. Terra screamed that Todd never apologized, resulting in Joe’s grudge. The ladies agreed that men should stay out of their issues.

Tension sizzled again when Ray asked Christy about bringing Lila to the event. Terra insisted that it was an evil scheme from Christy and claimed that Christy kept on asking Lila about Joe’s penis. Christy completely denied it.

Suddenly, Lila appeared on stage. She made it clear that Christy is really a close friend of hers. However, most of the women still accused her of trying to approach Joe. Lila defended herself saying that her text messages to Joe were pure business. Terra ignored her statement because she does not support texting someone’s husband at night.

Lastly, a viewer asked Terra if she is angry at Joe. Terra said she never got mad at him. Lila insisted to Terra that Joe is a womanizer.

Will things really cool down in the next episode? Mark your calendars and stay tuned.

“Little Women: LA” airs every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.

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