‘Little Women: LA’ Season 3 Spoilers: Brittney Spills Out Big Secrets

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago

In the premiere of “Little Women: LA” Season 3, the new member on-board Brittney Guzman accuses Elena for cheating on her husband Preston, with Brittney’s father. How true is this new bombastic rumor? Read on to know more.

“Little Women: LA” Season 3 brings us back our favorite ladies from the reality series. This time, the show also comes in with a new character introduction – Brittney Guzman, and along with some shocking rumors and gossips.

Brittney Guzman shocked us before the screens with firm accusations against Elena Gant, who returns for “Little Women”  after having cheated on her husband Preston with Brittney’s dad. A debut character dropping in such massive news was a little indigestible for the “Little Women” fans.

The authenticity of the rumor still couldn’t be proved, and the chances seem to be lean since looking at the show itself and Elena’s social media, there are no signs of stress or strain in Elena and Preston’s married life, reported Bustle.

Guzman, who happens to be a dancer off-screen, is talented enough to have travelled with Miley Cyrus for her shows and danced with her in the past and is also famous as Frekabritt. Her introduction in the Lifetime reality show is definitely loaded with drama, and this season can be expected to be one hell of a bumpy ride.

There is a mad race of speculations about Brittney’s father, who was not present in the premiere and has not been seen it.

As this big churning mystery unfolds, “Little Women” fans will be missing their very own Traci Harrison Tsou in this season, Inquisitr noted. The reason being Tsou’s pregnancy, which she has announced on Twitter.

This season also brings back Terra Jole who seems busy being a proud parent, embarking on motherhood.

These little ladies are all warmed up for some serious ups and downs to keep you glued.

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