Lobo: Reasons Why Jason Momoa Can Look Good As Lobo Too

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Lobo: Reasons Why Jason Momoa Can Look Good As Lobo Too
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Lobo is a DC character that is known as a supervillain and as an anti-hero too. This quality of his makes him unique and one of the characters that should receive his own DC movie.

With Jason Momoa once thinking that he will be asked to play Lobo, there are many reasons as to why he still can play the character and will look good in it. Keeping in mind just that, here is why he will look good as Lobo too.


Jason practically looks like Lobo. He has the physique, ruggedness and facial features quite similar to the immortal bounty hunter. If he was not signed on to play Aquaman, this is one character he could be playing in his own solo movie or in a Superman movie.

His looks match so much to the character than even Jason thought Zack Snyder wanted to talk to him about playing Lobo.


Jason has the right attitude to play Lobo in DCEU. Lobo travels all around the universe creating trouble and working as a bounty hunter. He has been a constant pain for Superman and later on for Justice League.

Going by Jason’s attitude off-screen, he can perfectly bring this aspect of Lobo to life in a movie and it would not leave any room for fans to complain.

Vivid personality

While many see Lobo only as a supervillain, there are times when he has collaborated with the League and has acted like a hero. When Superman died, it was Lobo that took his place and even fought the league’s enemies till Kal came back.

Then there have been instances when he started off as a bad guy but joined the good side later on.

R-rated character

Just some time back it was reported that DC has expressed interest in making an R-rated movie. Since Deadpool and Logan have proven that R-rated movies can work in the business, Lobo could be a movie that could open the R-rated zone for DC.

It could be completely separate from DCEU and could focus solely on the character that was created on the lines of Wolverine, Cable and Punisher.

Cinema Blend reported that Jason himself thought that he was being called to play some DC villain. When asked, the Justice League star mentioned that Zack would ask him to play Lobo. However he was genuinely surprised when the role turned out to be Aquaman.

According to the outlet, when Jason came to know of Zack’s vision for the character, he came aboard to play the superhero. It remains to be seen if DC chooses to make a Lobo movie or not. Jason will be seen as Aquaman/Arthur Curry in Justice League and Aquaman.


Photo source: YouTube/ComicsExplained

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