Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 1 Recap
Otakuthon 2014: Akatsuki and Shiroe (Log Horizon)

By its eleventh expansion pack, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Elder Tale” has become globally successful, having a user base of millions of players. However, on its 12th expansion release, 30,000 Japanese players logged on to the game suddenly find themselves transported within the virtual world, donning their in-game avatars. The event was referred to as “The Apocalypse.”

In midst of the chaotic events, Shiroe, a socially awkward player, as well as the strategist of the legendary party Debauchery Tea Party, and his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki team up to face the virtual world that has now become their reality.

Challenges and obstacles have tried to hinder the group, but they have successfully restored balance to the city of Akihabara, or Akiba for short, setting up a governmentlike system compromised of Guilds that can support the economy of Akiba, called “Round Table Alliance,” and forging peace with the “People of the Land,” NPC’s within the game that had gained sentience. The socially awkward Shiroe, who, prior to the Apocalypse, had avoided joining any guilds despite numerous invitations and offers then decided to set up his own guild named Log Horizon.

Episode 1 “Shiroe of the Northern Lands”

“Log Horizon” Season 2 opened up with a series of battles that have yet to come — the Abyssal Shaft raid, Kanami’s adventures, and fights against the murderer.

Back in Akihabara, the Adventurers have been keeping their selves busy with the After Halloween Event. In game, there is an event held within the last three days of October where monsters, when defeated, drop pumpkins. However, since Akiba has ended up with way too plenty a pumpkin, the After Halloween event was formed to give the extra pumpkins as prizes on the event’s games, which is similar to a Japanese Athletic meet.

Meanwhile, Shiroe has been trying to negotiate with the Kunie Clan, a clan of people of the land that controls the banks and flow of money in Elder Tale. Since Akiba’s established order, the alliance had
purchased 10 million gold a month worth of facilities including the Guild Building, Cathedral, Trade Building and several other facilities around the city that will ensure Akiba not to fall to the enemy’s hands. Plant Hwyaden anyone? Shiroe has realized the financial impediment that Akiba will soon face — getting broke.

Meeting up with his guild members, as well as Maryelle and Henrietta, Shiroe tells them that he will be leaving Akihabara to solve Akiba’s problem, not revealing what it is. Minori surmises why Shiroe won’t tell them the details nor where he’s headed, explaining to the others the possibilities of southern spies within Akihabara. Naotsugu convinces Shiroe to take him with him. “A pitcher needs a catcher, an enchanter needs a guardian,” explains Naotsugu.

Ten days after, Shiroe and Naotsugu meet up with Kinjou, the leader of the Kunie clan and Regan, the sage of Miral Lake. The reason Shiroe chose the meeting place was because he knows the whereabouts of the Kunie Village, which Regan told him, forming a sort of threat. If this fails, negotiations will go against an ancient treaty. Instead, Shiroe tells them that if he can’t get the Kunie to fund them, then he’ll try a different approach — to find an ancient powerful magic device that gives reborn souls (monsters) gold coins — the Kunie Clan’s Gold. In the deepest depths of Palm, there is said to be a great whirlpool of gold, where the sage of Miral Lake 15 generations ago performed a sealing there. Before leaving, Kinjou warns them: “Then let us meet there. The meandering river and the forgotten underground garden, where gold that appears from void disappears into the void, but you will need the company of many in order to get there.”

Shiroe surmises that Kinjou might be referring to a large-scale battle — a raid. But Shiroe decides not to bring Round Table members in this quest, as he does not want the south to know what they are up to, telling Naotsugu he knows the perfect place they’d go.

In the end, it shows the real-world Akihabara in Christmas eve, with Shiroe telling us, “I have failed, I was naïve. I couldn’t trust them enough.” Shiroe is shown standing beside Akatsuki, revealing that they were both defeated. “I died,” said Shiroe. Both of them are then shown standing beside one another staring at the majestic planet Earth. “It’s been a heck of a Christmas Eve, my lord,” Akatsuki ends.

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