Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 2 recap

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Log Horizon Season 2 Episode 2 recap
Otakuthon 2014: Akatsuki and Shiroe (Log Horizon)

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Elder Tale” has become globally successful on its eleventh expansion pack. On its 12th expansion release, a mysterious occurrence happened to the  30,000 Japanese players logged on to the game. They suddenly find themselves transported within the virtual world to become their in-game avatars. The event was referred to as “The Apocalypse.” Read on to learn more about this recap.

In midst of the chaotic events, a socially awkward player named Shiroe, who was also the strategist of the legendary party Debauchery Tea Party teams up with his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki to face the virtual world that has now become their reality.

Shiroe and his friends have faced dozens of challenges and obstacles, and successfully brought peace to the city of Akihabara, or Akiba for short. The city built the “Round Table Alliance,” a government-like system compromised of Guilds which supports the economy of Akiba and forges peace with the “People of the Land. Shiroe, who, prior to the Apocalypse, had avoided joining any guilds despite numerous invitations and offers then decided to set up his own guild named Log Horizon. .

Episode 2: The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes

The episode starts with Shiroe’s explanation during the raids. A raid is a large-scale battle with many adventurers instead of the usual party of six. The most common type is called a “Full Raid,” which involves twenty-four players in four groups of six. It also requires more than high levels and good equipment. One must analyze the opponent and form a plan while the remaining players must work together to carry it out. The most important element is your willingness to trust your companions with your lives.

Shiroe, Naotsugu, and ReGan head out to the town of Susukino, the capital of the Ezzo Empire and defensive base against the giants. Since six months have passed, the town has become more peaceful. Shiroe splits off from Naotsugu while ReGan went to meet up with Silver Sword’s Guild Leader, William Massachusetts. ReGan wanted to recruit his guild in the Abyssal Shaft raid. Besides from D.D.D. and Black Sword Knights, Silver Sword is one of Akiba’s big combat focused guilds. When the Round Table Alliance was formed, they were one of the guilds who were asked to participate, but they declined. Shiroe makes a request to Massachusetts, who willingly agrees even before hearing out what Shiroe has to say. 

Meanwhile, Naotsugu and ReGan went around the city to scout other players to join them. They were talking aobut obsurd things when they heard a muffled cry from someone who had landed face-first into a pile of snow. Her name was Tetra, a self-proclaimed galactic idol and a Level 92 Cleric, much like Shiroe and Naotsugu’s levels.

In the middle of Shiroe's talk with William, Demiqas intrudes and began to seek for a rematch against him. Shiroe, who intentionally pretends to forget his name, has called Demiqas  names like Mr. Democracy, demi-whatsits sauce, Mr. Deluxe and Mr. Tofu in Miso Sauce among others, which pissed Demiqas. However, William threatened to kick his ass again. Tetora, Naotsugu, and ReGan walked in while Tetora reveals how far Demiqas has lost half of the members of his guild, Brigandia. They were actually working for Silver Sword. Demiqas, on the other hand,  was set to marry a noble of the People of the Land, which he supposedly kidnaps, but falls in love with. Tetra adds that Demiqas’ wife is a great cook and that “Demi-Demi” loves her hamburger steak and minced cutlet.

Shiroe, Naotsugu, Tetra, Massachusetts, Demiqas and the other Silver Sword members began their journey on foot to Palm.

There you have it for the recap on “Log Horizon” Episode 2. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about this show.

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