Logan 2017: New Mutant and Photos Teased by Director

By Edson Kyle Encina | 1 year ago
Logan 2017: New Mutant and Photos Teased by Director

New Logan 2017 teasers were revealed through Director James Mangold’s social media account including new mutant Caliban.

James Mangold has been active in promoting his new Wolverine movie on Twitter lately. Previously, the director teased new storyboard images for the movie. This time, he confirmed the appearance of a new mutant!

Mangold even posted pictures of the newly confirmed mutant called “Caliban.” Hello Ladies star Stephen Merchant will play as the hellhound Caliban. According to IGN, actor Stephen Merchant posted a picture of him as Caliban on his Instagram (see featured image).

Caliban Stephen Merchant
Caliban: Stephen Merchant

A source indicates that Caliban appeared in this year’s X-Men: Apocalyspe film but only serving as a minor role. In the new Wolverine film next year, Logan, Caliban’s screen time will be significantly longer.

Caliban made his comic book debut on X-Men #148 and has appeared in many issues later. He has ties to the group of Morlocks, Apocalypse’s horsemen and even the X-Force. Caliban’s distinctive super power is his “psionic” ability to sense other mutants within a 25-mile radius. His other distinctive features include having a chalk-white complexion and having enormous eyes. The image below depicts Caliban’s original design.


Caliban swayed back in forth in siding with the forces of good and evil. At one point, Caliban was a part of the horsemen of Apocalypse. Caliban later found himself on the good side when he eventually joined the X-Force.

As for the movie adaptation of Caliban, it is looking good so far. Based on the original character design of Caliban, Stephen Merchant managed to pull off the looks.

The resemblance might not be as uncanny as the X-Men, but it is a great rendition nonetheless. With the steady amount of teasers for the upcoming Logan 2017 film, it is starting to sound better.

The upcoming Marvel superhero mash-up seriesThe Defenders, will be released next year as well.  Along with the new Logan film, there are tons of Marvel goodies to look forward to.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Stephen Merchant

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