Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien Being Eyed to Star in ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien Being Eyed to Star in ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot

An all-new “Spider-Man” franchise has been announced that’s under the collaboration of Marvel and Sony. Another reboot is taking place, and Andrew Garfield is off the franchise. They are eyeing “Fury’s” Logan Lerman and “The Maze Runner’s” Dylan O’Brien. Read on to know more about the details of this scoop.

Of the many movie news that hit the web this week, it was the announcement of Sony and Marvel’s collaboration that seem to have brought everybody in a state of shock and anticipation. The long-standing film case of Spider-Man appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally reaching its end as the two competing film studios reached to an agreement to work things out together. Yes, a new “Spider-Man” franchise is currently going through pre-production negotiations, and the decision is final that “Amazing Spider-Man” actor Andrew Garfield is out, and they are eyeing younger actors for the role, such as Dylan O’Brien and Logan Lerman.

According to Screen Rant, both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter made the announcement that Marvel and Sony are looking for a younger actor to play the role of Peter Parker. There aren’t much young actors who could fit the bill, but they are definitely eyeing “Fury’s” Logan Lerman and “The Maze Runner’s” Dylan O’Brien to play such a big role in the Cinematic Universe. This is all because they wish to introduce a franchise starter that has him in a high school setting, and he goes through exploring life by fighting crimes and handling awkward teenage relationships. In addition, Spider-Man’s character will first appear in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” before it gets its stand-alone film. This plan for the franchise has long been tackled because it was one of the things that got revealed in the massive Sony hack that transpired last year.

Looking at things in the big picture, the two actors actually fit the profile of Peter Parker, and it’s just a question of who gets available first. O’Brien is still currently signed on for his Stiles role in the TV show “Teen Wolf,” and he’s also got another franchise at hand, playing as Thomas in the James Dashner young adult movie adaptation “The Maze Runner.” Meanwhile, Lerman has been pretty silent with his upcoming project involvements. He starred as Percy Jackson in the supposed “Percy Jackson” franchise, but the two movies turned out to be very disappointing, especially to the followers of Rick Riordan’s best-selling novel. He did, however, manage to gather some recognition for his role in David Ayer’s WW2 film “Fury.”

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