Logan: Reasons Why The Movie Turned Out To Be Massively Successful

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Logan: Reasons Why The Movie Turned Out To Be Massively Successful
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Logan is Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal as the clawed mutant. With the movie doing really well, fans are still getting used to the fact that he will not be seen in the role anymore.

With his role lasting for seventeen years, each of his turn in the character has been amazing. However if reviews are to be believed than his final turn has proven to be the best so far. Considering the successful run Logan has achieved at the box office, here are reasons why it is a massive success.

Hugh’s last turn

Even though the movie itself is really good, it is Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of Wolverine that has contributed to the movie’s success. His performance as Wolverine has only improved with each movie, but his portrayal in Logan is what fans will remember.

Now that he has hung up his claws, fans can easily say he has immortalized the character.


Deadpool started a new trend and that will only catch up more in the next few years. Logan has also been rated R, which means it has the liberty to show its gruesome scenes in full glory. Also having the movie rated R has been an added advantage because if fans really want to see Wolverine in his most accurate form, the rating justifies it.


Introducing a new character means a lot of things. It means just when fans start to think that the legacy of Wolverine has come to an end, they will divert their attention to the new character. In Logan, X-23 was introduced.

Following the end that the movie presented, it would be on X-23 to carry the legacy forward and make sure that Wolverine never fades away from silver screen.


Other thing that contributed to the success of the movie is the really serious conflict. Showing Wolverine as a scarred, weak and old man who no longer can fight really appealed to fans everywhere. Also putting a young protégé who does not understand what to do with her powers and how to carry those powers lent more weightage to the movie.

End of an era

As much as this hurt everyone including Hugh himself, knowing that this is the end of an era, Logan automatically becomes much more important than any other X-Men movie. With it reaching a critical stage, the movie was bound to be successful because fans would not want to let Hugh go without seeing his final portrayal.

The Hollywood Reporter reported what Logan cinematographer John Mathieson said about the final scene of the movie. According to him, both Hugh and Dafne gave their best to shoot the most important scene of the movie.

The scene was of Logan’s death and how the two actors nailed the shot perfectly.

Logan is now running in theaters.


Photo source: YouTube/20th Century Fox UK

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