Logan X-23 To Get Her Own Movie? Hugh Jackman Approves Dafne Keen As His Successor

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Logan X-23 To Get Her Own Movie? Hugh Jackman Approves Dafne Keen As His Successor
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Dafne Keen who played the role of X-23 a.k.a Laura is the breakout star in the R-rated comic book movie Logan. Fans are in luck because the character has some pretty big supporters at 20th Century Fox.

Dafne Keen’s Future In X-Men Universe

The story of X-23 does seem pretty much over. The young mutant with her friends left Logan (Hugh Jackman) and headed somewhere safe.

However, as every comic book fans know, trouble will eventually find her. In a Q&A for Logan Noir, director James Mangold talked about the future of Laura.

“Anything’s possible,” he stated. “I’ve certainly talked to [the studio] about it.”

He also admitted that he has spoken to Fox about X-23’s future in X-Men movies even before they started filming Logan. It was, however, Keen’s incredible performance that won fans over, increasing the chances of a new movie.

Movie producer Hutch Parker is confident that an X-23 solo movie might be in the future as long as there is a story worth telling.

“[Mangold] will only do it if he finds a story that he thinks is worthy of standing on its own,” Parker told IGN. He added that the story should be able to compel and affect the audience, “not in the same way as Logan because I think it will be different, but that will be successful in its own right, by its own measure, by the assessment of its own qualities and for the audience to embrace as something unique and sort of contained to itself.”

X-23 Solo Movie

There certainly are still plenty of stories to be told about X-23. Logan has established that there are waning mutant births. Because it was set in the near future, the world looks familiar and different from previous X-men movies. If Laura gets her own movie, she will likely encounter unique challenges that have never been seen before on the big screen.

Parker is adamant that he and Mangold do not want to see X-23 as a supporting cast in another movie. The publication asked if the character will appear alongside Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy in New Mutants. The movie producer explained that he believes that Laura is a great character and should be given her own place in the cinematic universe.

Moreover, X-23 had a long and successful run in the comics. There are certainly a lot of stories that can be adapted for the big screen. The challenge now is to find an arc that can be transformed into a stand-alone movie.

Jackman Approves His Successor

Jackman agrees. The actor has voiced his full support for an X-23 movie. He believes that Keen is a worthy successor to the title of Wolverine.

The 48-year-old pointed out that X-Men was pretty revolutionary when it started in the early 2000s. The franchise has been all about challenging norms, breaking conventions and offering something different. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool did the same thing and became a massive success.

Therefore, Fox should take the risk and continue the story of X-23 with Keen.

” I think for me, it would make sense to go younger with Logan,” he said via Heroic Hollywood. “I think it would be very difficult – however, there’s a female 11-year-old who could absolutely frickin’ nail it, for my money.”

He adds that fans will be open to seeing different interpretations of Wolverine. Jackman assures that the audience will buy into an X-23 movie.

Logan is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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