Lohan Involved in Altercation in Hotel

By admin | 6 years ago

In the early morning hours of Sunday, actress Linda Lohan was involved in a scuffle in New York City at the W Hotel. The altercation is alleged to have taken place with Christian LaBella, who Lohan had demanded delete photos he had taken of her on his cell phone.

LaBella was originally detained by police, but was later released and not charged. LaBella is not a stranger to hanging close with celebrities. He is the nephew of Heather McDonald who writes for the show on E!. A number of photos were found on his Facebook page of him posing with stars like Kris Jenner and her daughter Kim Kardashian.

Sources cited that LaBella was a staffer for Illinois Congressman John Shimkus. The Congressman confirmed LaBella once worked for his office but that he does not condone the actions of LaBella. Although it was determined by the NYPD that there was no crime committed, a rep for Lohan said the situation had been both outrageous and distressing and there should have been consequences for the man’s actions.

Police reports say that LaBella took photos of Lohan while the two were hanging out amongst friends. When Lohan saw that, she confronted LaBella and attempted to take away his cell phone. When he would not allow it, Lohan alleged that things began to get physical and she was choked and thrown on the ground.

Just last week, Lohan was arrested after allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her car and then leaving the accident scene.

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