Lohan leaves scene of accident, gets arrested

By admin | 6 years ago

Lindsay Lohan, who started out as a successful child star, has been in a free fall much of the time since. Once again, this week she made was involved in a traffic accident and arrested. Early Wednesday morning Lohan was arrested after hitting a pedestrian and leaving the scene in her Porsche.

The pedestrian who was the alleged victim was described as a thirty something male. He was hospitalized, but showed no visible injuries while at the accident scene.

Allegedly, while entering downtown Manhattan’s Dream Hotel, Lohan hit the pedestrian. A friend of the actress got out of the car to check on the passerby and then Lohan continued into the hotel with her entourage. At that time, the police were called and when Lohan exited the hotel at about 2 am, police arrested her.

Police charged Lohan with leaving a scene of an accident. She was then immediately released. The charge is only a misdemeanour, but could cause Lohan to be in violation of her theft charge probation, as it hinges on her not breaking the law.

The early morning incident was just another drama involving the actress, who is just 26. Only a few weeks ago, Scary Movie 5 producers had to deal with the actresses’ excuse of having walking pneumonia. They were trying to get her to film a shoot with actor Charlie Sheen.

Last month, the actress was investigated by the LAPD over the alleged theft of more than $100,000 in watches, tableware and sunglasses from Sam Magid’s home, a multimillionaire friend of Lohan.

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