Longmire Season 6 To Be Cancelled After Bloodline? What Happened In Season 5 Final Episode ? [Watch]

By Savitha Muppala | 2 years ago
Longmire Season 6 To Be Cancelled After Bloodline? What Happened In Season 5 Final Episode ? [Watch]

Netflix has seemingly decided to stop the streaming of Bloodline after the forthcoming season 3, scheduled to debut in 2017.

Apparently, Bloodline’s, Sony Pictures Television received a communication from Netflix that they do not intend to telecast the family drama after season 3. Further, the number of episodes of Bloodline season 3 has been axed to 10 from the original 13.

The decision by Netflix is perhaps driven by performance of the show and certain other policy decisions which have impacted the profits adversely. Increased costs production and the decision by Florida to cancel tax bonus for entertainment projects filmed in the state, may have led the streaming company to make some bold moves.

The cancellation of Bloodline has come as a big surprise because Netflix does not have a history of doing away with the original series. In this context, fans of Longmire may be led to wonder if season 6 too may go the Bloodline way.

Longmire season 6, the much awaited forthcoming installment of the popular crime drama, is pending renewal. Viewers are left in suspended animation and are hoping the production company and Netflix may renew it for another season. All the characters need a closure to the roles they are playing and if season 6 is not renewed, Longmire may not have the closure it deserves.

The promos of Longmire season 5 have been so dull, it leaves doubts whether Netflix will renew the series for a sixth installment.

Longmire Season 5 Recap Finale

The finale sees Walt and Vic recognizing and acknowledging and their feelings for each other. The show also addresses some of the real concerns plaguing this couple and evaluated their relationship sustainability.

The story also shows placeholder Donna making an exit from the episode. It was a good move in the story to not finish her off and the role of Walt in trying to do his best with her is explained well. Also, the initial mystery of Donna’s kidnapping was remarkably done. Even though viewers were led to think that Walt is to blame, it did turn out to be the climax of the episode, reports IGN.

As season 5 draws to a close, Walt is available for Vic, but it is not the same case with the latter. Vic’s Pregnancy is not a closed chapter even after the physical blow in the river. But with things having ended between Walt and Donna, looks like the promise of a relationship between Vic and Walt is alive.

Longmire Season 5 premiered Sept. 23 on Netflix.

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