‘Looking For Alaska’ Movie Update: Might Cast Eyes Mitchell Hope, Charlie Rowe, Anya Taylor And Immy Waterhouse

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Looking For Alaska’ Movie Update: Might Cast Eyes Mitchell Hope, Charlie Rowe, Anya Taylor And Immy Waterhouse

John green’s adult novel “Looking For Alaska” is finally on the hunt for casting. “Looking For Alaska” film adaptation had been shelved previously by Paramount Pictures but with the success of “The Fault In Our Stars” and new release “Paper Towns” at the box-office, “Looking For Alaska” is in full-swing for casting now.

“Looking For Alaska” movie is likely to hit the theatres in late 2016. John Green’s 2005 adult debut novel is no stranger to controversy. Recently, only as a joke John Green had expressed that he doesn’t mind Taylor Swift as a lead cast. But of course, he cleared later that it was meant to be as a joke and “Looking For Alaska” movie will have whoever fits the role.

Since then fans over Twitter have been going crazy over who should be casted for which role! Kaya Scoldelario has a lot of thumbs up from fans for the role of Alaska. Although, the main lead of the movie has a lot of young actors in row.

According to reports from TheWrap, “Looking For Alaska” casting is eyeing “Descendant” star Mitchell Hope and “Spider-Man reboot” Charlie Rowe for the character of main lead Miles Halter. Also, for the lead role of Alaska, “The Witch” star Anya Taylor-Joy is having a tough competition with Immy Waterhouse.

“Looking For Alaska” controversies had previously been over teens smoking and drinking during the whole story but that is all in the past now as everyone is hoping to see John Green’s novels to be adapted for films.

“Looking For Alaska” plot will follow a obsessed boy with famous last name Miles “Pudge” Halter who is sent to boarding school wherein he meets a mysterious girl Alaska and they set on an adventure-filled relationship but soon Pudge has to face the darker side of the relationship.

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Photo source: Facebook/ John Green

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