Lorde Turns Down Collaboration With Taylor Swift; Disses BFF’s Writing Style

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Lorde Turns Down Collaboration With Taylor Swift; Disses BFF’s Writing Style
Lorde at the 2014 Sydney Laneway Festival

Taylor Swift and Lorde may be BFF alright, but these besties are not too keen about doing a music collaboration anytime soon. Lorde, at least.

In an interview with E! News, the “Royals” singer was not too happy about the idea of doing a duet with Swift.

“She’s amazing and she’s very talented, but I feel like the way she writes is very much her voice. It’s the same with me. We’re very kind of singular,” she explained.

Too bad! We’re pretty sure a track by Swift and Lorde would be amazing, given their ability to put so much emotion and detail into their work. A Swift-Lorde song on her follow up album to debut “Pure Heroine” would surely be off the charts!

Lorde’s statement came quite as a shock, especially since just last year she was quoted in saying that a collaboration is definitely possible. She and Swift might have totally different styles, given that Lorde’s a self-confessed anti-pop star, and Swift just made a very successful transition from being a country singer to a pop icon, but we’re still hoping that the two can at least write one song together.

We mean Ed Sheeran and Swift sure made it possible with “Everything Had Changed,” right? Ed, however, has been very vocal in saying that the track might be his last song with Swift. The “Thinking Out Loud” singer says he wanted to “surprise people and keep them intrigued,” which obviously would not happen if he keeps churning out records with Swift.

Perhaps Lorde was thinking the same way? What do you think, Swifties? Should Lorde and Taylor Swift do a song together? Or are their styles just too different? Sound off in the comments below.

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