Los Angeles Lakers Eyes Markieff Morris, Mario Chalmers And JaVale McGee To Play For Their Team

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Los Angeles Lakers Eyes Markieff Morris, Mario Chalmers And JaVale McGee To Play For Their Team
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It has been rumored that Los Angeles Lakers team has an interest to acquire and let Markieff Morris, Mario Chalmers and JaVale McGee play for their part, will they buy it or sell it? Read on for more details.

Yibada reported that the Lakers aren’t done arranging their roster makeup for the league’s next season. They have been linked to several players who are labeled available in the free-agency market or on the trading block.

The team has strengthened up their frontline recently by adding Brandon Bass through free-agency and Roy Hibbert through trade. Lakers have also injected more foundation into the backcourt by signing Lou Williams and drafting D’Angelo Russell. Though the team is already packed with talented players, Lakers top executives still feel the team needs another firepower or two to keep themselves on track of things in what will likely be very competitive Western Conference battle.

As usual, the Lakers name has been popping up in the news recently as they have been tied up to rumors everywhere, but only a few of those rumors were confirmed.

Fans are thrilled to hear the news that some of their speculations about who among the players will be in the buy or sell are really going to be part of the team!

According to the latest report around the association, the Lakers have shown interest in Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers, and based on Inquisitr’s speculation, Chalmers could be heading to Los Angeles Lakers soon. It’s a possibility as the Heat looks to create financial flexibility by unloading his contract.

In Yibada’s report, it’s unlikely the team will make a play on Chalmers for two reasons.  First, they don’t have enough cap space to absorb the guard’s contract; Secondly, the Heat team may not want additional salaries if they decided to trade Chalmers.

On the other hand, in JaVale McGee’s case, the Lakers interest in him came by a surprise to almost everybody considering they already got as starting center in Hibbert. But, since McGee is a veteran center in the game, not only Lakers eye him to be part of their team, but also the Dallas Mavericks.

The 7-foot shot blocker, played for several teams already. He was noted when he roughly played for Denver Nuggets before he was traded to Philadelphia.

In addition to this, Markieff Morris is also part of the list that Lakers reportedly want to get. According to Basketball Insiders Eric Pincus, he believed that Los Angeles team should pursue a trade for Morris since he can really provide the hanging position for their current roster. It seems that they need a big man who can play the three to four spot. They should decide now as Pistons, Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers are also part of the trade.

Now, as the next season is just around the corner, it’s up to one of the fan-favorite team Los Angeles Lakers to choose their bet to win the game and be the next champion.


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