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Louis Tomlinson

English pop singer and song writer Louis Tomlinson seem to be on a high these days. Any why not? The singer who is part of the group “One Direction” is going to be father soon. Read on to find why the singer has not kept any assignments in January.

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Apparently the reason being the baby is expected to arrive in the month of January 2016. Though all of 23 years only, the singer seems to know his duties well. Right from world tours to his duties as a daddy, the song writer has prioritized his duty well so that everything gets their due attention.

The visibly excited soon-to-be-dad has decided he will not miss the birth of his son for anything. He has also informed all that he would be busy during that time. And that being by his wife’s side to see her deliver the baby is his first priority as revealed to HollywoodLife.com.

It is good to see that he is living up to what he had promised. The soon to be parents were seen shopping baby items with family members. Brain’s parents also accompanied them to Beverly Hills on a fun filled shopping spree.

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As revealed in Hollywoodlife.com, Tomlinson has also taken the step of choosing a Godfather for his baby. He mentioned that he wants Simon to be his child’s Godfather. Talking about Simon, Louis further adds that Simon is a lovely person and also a great father. Simon has supported Louis in his entire journey of parenthood since the time the singer had told him the news of the baby. He has also asked Louis to approach him for any confusion or question during this period. He thought there can be no better person other than Simon who could be his Baby’s Godfather.

Louis is expecting his child with stylist Briana Jungwirth whom he started dating soon after he split with his previous girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Though the couple themselves was shocked at the news earlier, they decided to carry on with the pregnancy. Also, the fact the both their family members were by their side gave them immense support. Louis mother being a mid-wife gave Briana some excellent tips and guidance to the couple during this period. Stay tuned to find more updates on this.

Photo Source: Facebook/Louis Tomlinson

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