Louis Tomlinson And Eleanor Caldor News: His Baby With Briana Jungwirth May Bring Them Back Together!

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Louis Tomlinson And Eleanor Caldor News: His Baby With Briana Jungwirth May Bring Them Back Together!
Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

Could Briana Jungwirth’s unexpected pregnancy with Louis Tomlinson reunite the pop star and his former girlfriend Eleanor Calder? Read to know more details.

According to Hollywood Life, the 23-year-old Tomlinson is planning to reunite with his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend Calder, after making the 22-year-old Jungwirth pregnant! The One Direction boy band member is making efforts on fixing things with Calder, even though he knows his responsibility to care for Jungwirth and their baby.

Normally, an unexpected pregnancy with a third person would increase the distance between two ex lovers, but it is quite opposite in case of Tomlinson and Calder. Now that the pop singer/songwriter is expecting his first baby with another woman Jungwirth, he desires to get together with his ex lover Calder.

The source added that there is every possibility for Tomlinson and Calder to get back together. However, it is “not right now.” First, he needs to concentrate on what has to be done for Jungwirth and their baby. He has even explained this clearly to Calder. He has also promised Calder that he would settle down and start a family only with her.

It is good that Tomlinson is not willing to leave Jungwirth who is pregnant because of him. He has all plans to be by her side and to be responsible for the major part of his baby’s life. However, he has no romantic interest towards her.

“He’s not looking for a romantic relationship with Briana,” and “he totally respects her and plans of fully supporting her and their child,” reported the source.

To everyone’s surprise, Jungwirth’s pregnancy has made Tomlinson and his ex Calder closer than before to the extent of being reunited as a couple.

Do you think Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder would be back together, and get married? Alternatively, would the pop star marry Briana Jungwirth for the good of their baby?

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

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