Louis Tomlinson Of One Direction Tweets 5SOS Member Michael Clifford, Wishes Australian Band Good Luck On Twitter!

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Louis Tomlinson Of One Direction Tweets 5SOS Member Michael Clifford, Wishes Australian Band Good Luck On Twitter!
One Direction.

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson has proven he has not forgotten the boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer. This was after he posted a tweet on social media platform Twitter before the start of the Australian band’s “Rock Out With Your Socks Out” tour in U.K. Read on for more details.

The One Direction hottie is the part owner of 5 Seconds of Summer, making us see why Tomlinson takes a close interest on the band’s affairs. He sent out a tweet to 5SOS member Michael Clifford saying, “@Michael5SOS have a good show mate!”

The tweet of the 1D’s Tomlinson was in response to Clifford’s tweet saying, “I am so excited for tonight. let’s do it Belfast.” The Australian band would be staging a show in Belfast that evening.

Although Tomlinson is doing well and living it up in Barcelona, we do find it sweet that he took time off to wish his old friend good luck.

In the past few months, the boys of 5SOS have been bringing the show around Europe. UnrealityTV reported that the last night for their concert was held in Dublin. We do think that the people in the Irish capital were big fans of the band. This was after 5SOS member Clifford tweeted, “God damnit I love Ireland. see you again tomorrow Dublin !”

5SOS member Ashton Irwin also confirmed the love of the Irish fans after he tweeted, “I look like a good but thanks for having us Dublin!!! 2 amazing shows xx ” A report from UnrealityTV also said that Irwin was feeling the Irish shock as we was listening to U2 in between the concert. He also took it to Twitter and posted the lyrics of U2’s “With Or Without You.”

After the tour of 5SOS, One Direction will be taking the stage as they head on for the start of their U.K. “On The Road Again” concert to be held in Cardiff this coming June 5, 2015.

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