Louis Tomlinson Quashes Marriage Rumors By Dating Three Girls At Once, Not Ready to Settle Down

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Louis Tomlinson Quashes Marriage Rumors By Dating Three Girls At Once, Not Ready to Settle Down
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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson might be ready to be a father, but he is not ready to be a husband yet. With rumors flying thick and fast about Tomlinson getting hitched with his soon to be born baby’s mother Briana Jungwirth, female fans of Tomlinson will be glad to know that by all accounts, Tomlinson is still single and available. Read on for more details.

With One Direction going on their indefinite hiatus period, and Briana Jungwirth expecting his child soon, it would seem like now is the perfect time for Tomlinson to enjoy the bliss of a married life. But we have learnt that the 23-year-old boy band member is single and quite ready to mingle. According to sources at Hollywood Life, Tomlinson is not ready to settle down with anyone for now: not Jungwirth and not long time girlfriend Eleanor Calder. According to sources close to the singer, he is currently having a blast being single, handsome and having the largest teenage fan following this side of Justin Bieber.

“Gorgeous girls constantly throw themselves at him and he appreciates it. He has about three girls he’s dating on a consistent basis, as well as others here and there.” the source added.

Turns out, Tomlinson is the James Bond of the boyband world. But if Tomlinson is not ready to settle down, it is not for the lack of trying on Jungwirth part. According to a source speaking with Life & Style, Jungwirth is expecting Tomlinson to put a ring on her before the birth of their child who, according to latest rumors, is a girl. Jungwirth would apparently get hitched to Tomlinson in a “heartbeat,” but he has made it obvious that he is not into that. It was probably by dating three other women.

But what of Eleanor Calder? It would seem like she is the one in the back of Tomlinson’s head, with the singer apparently promising her that “if he was ever planning on settling down and starting a family, it would be with her.” But with Tomlinson’s current dating life, it seems like IF is the operative word in that sentence.

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