Louis Tomlinson Reacts on Zayn Malik’s Music, More Children and Lullabies for Freddie

By Sangati Jogwar | 2 years ago
Louis Tomlinson Reacts on Zayn Malik’s Music, More Children and Lullabies for Freddie
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson recently talked about his former bandmate Zayn Malik’s success in his career and also about having more children. The former One Direction singer opened up about his son Freddie, singing lullabies for him and how his mother’s death made an impact on his music career. Check the details below.

Louis Tomlinson Says He Is More Mature Now

Louis Tomlinson

It seems that the One Direction star has changed as a person after becoming a young dad. While talking to a media source, Tomlinson said that the change has not reflected in his writing as much. Rather, he is not writing songs about his son Freddie. But, he assured everyone that he obviously loves him.

Freddie, who will celebrate his first birthday on January 21, has rather affected his dad personally a bit. According to People, the 25-year-old singer said that being a dad has made him more mature. However, he is not sure whether it is actually true. Although Louis Tomlinson did not, in particular, write something for Freddie, he did admit of having sung a few lullabies for him.

New Music & Zayn Malik

While talking about the Zayn Malik’s new music, Tomlinson said that the solo work of former bandmate seems to be nice. Currently, the collaborative single of the Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend with Taylor Swift is creating lots of airwaves. The British singer stated that the first song from Malik is an absolute smash.

On the overall success and progress of other One Direction members, the British sensation said that now they at a point where they could be just happy for each other. While talking about the impact of his mother’s tragic death on his career, Tomlinson said that he still does not find it easier to talk about her in depth.

Johannah Deakin died due to leukemia in December 2016. When Louis Tomlinson found about her disease, he wanted to stop everything. However, his mom asked him to continue and keep going on. According to the singer, so he is not just doing it for her, but rather they are doing it for each other. He feels that although it was tough, it was sort of a send-off to his mother.

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Photo source: Instagram/Louis Tomlinson

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