Louis Tomlinson Ready To Settle Down, But With Whom— To Eleanor Calder or Briana Jungwirth?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Louis Tomlinson Ready To Settle Down, But With Whom— To Eleanor Calder or Briana Jungwirth?
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Is it really true that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson broke the heart of Eleanor Calder, and will soon marry Briana Jungwirth? What’s the truth behind the story?

Well, it seems like fans, and evevn Eleanor Calder can still have a chance to the 23-year-old member of One Direction, Tomlinson as HollywoodLife exclusively reported that the young singer will not marry Briana Jungwirth anytime soon, and that’s final!

The site exclusively reported that Jungwirth wants to marry, but Tomlinson insist that he will not put a ring on the fingers of his mother’s baby as he is still enjoying his single life, and is not ready to settle down.

Though, Tomlinson and Jungwirth are expecting a baby together, still, no one should expect a wedding! This made some fans to hope that maybe Eleanor Calder-Tomlinson reunion.

The singer broke the heart of his fans as news about him being a young dad broke last month, and just recently, news claims that Jungwirth is pushing her baby daddy to propose.

Life & Style reported that JungwirthJungwrith has asked Tomlinson to put a ring on her finger as soon as possible, before she gives birth to their child. The source from the site also added that his baby’s mother is piling on the pressure for him to make a commitment.

Jungwirth knows that it’s so unromantic and perhaps too rushed, but she feels like she needs to provoke Tomlinson because he’s taking the situation so calmly—he’s taking too much time.

But, it seems like whatever Jungwirth does, she will never make Tomlinson propose. HollywoodLife has learned the truth—he is nowhere near ready to settle down. The site stated that Tomlinson still has a number of girls surrounding him, even though they know that he will soon be a father. He’s still enjoying the perks of being a handsome, rich, popular singer.

“He has about three girls he’s dating on a consistent basis, as well as others here and there,” the source added.

Before the pregnancy news came out, everybody knew that Tomlinson and Jungwirth are just  friends, and so it’s not surprising that he will shake his head whenever Jungwirth asks him to marry her.

In addition to this, the report said that she is not losing hope as she still clings to Tomlinson. She always feel very isolated and is having to go through the whole thing alone, which makes her miss Tomlinson.

“She would marry Louis in a heartbeat if he asked, but he has made it clear he’s not interested in that,” the source said.

Tomlinson on the other hand, is doing his best to keep Jungwirth happy, but not to the point that he will marry her.

Does this mean a Calder-Tomlinson might happen? HollywoodLife confirms yes! It might happen— that his ex and longtime love is always at the back of his mind. In fact, there’s even a chance of getting back together, that if ever he’s planning on settling down, it would be with her.

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