Louis Tomlinson Sides With Calvin Harris Over Zayn Malik Versus Taylor Swift War

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Louis Tomlinson Sides With Calvin Harris Over Zayn Malik Versus Taylor Swift War
Taylor Swift

Zayn Malik upset the queen bee herself when he dissed Taylor Swift and sided with Miley Cyrus. Apparently, this made his ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson come to Taylor’s rescue and favorite her beau’s tweet. We wonder who will win? Zayn or the rest of One Direction?

The story went like this. Zayn was trying to get attention from the Swiftieverse by dissing Taylor Swift and comparing her stance about money to Miley Cyrus and her stance about the money. The actual tweet was originally created by somebody who goes by the name of @FemaleTexts. She compared Swift’s stance against apple music to Cyrus’s stance that she doesn’t need more money because she can now feed her dogs and live in a house as such. The actual tweet was eventually deleted, but the feud continued with Swift’s boyfriend Calvin Harris dissing Zayn Malik on twitter with this tweet.

He basically told off Zayn to not to hit out at the poor artists who are still working from their basements. Oh, and he called him a kid.

Zayn got pretty angry too and he tweeted back this.

And he was probably saying that he didn’t deserve it because he wrote his music too. And, of course, that he can’t help being phenomenal. Because he is so loaded with talent. And we do agree with him, don’t we?

While the two were flinging insults at each other, the twitterverse also joined the battle and it was Swifties versus Zayn fans all over the internet. The war spilled into the directioners zone eventually with Louis Tomlinson favoriting Calvin Harris’s tweet, thereby showing the world his side.

Oh, the spirited young and the restless! How they carry on with their trivial emotional ego-battles! But it does make for good reading.

MTV reported the news first.

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