Louis Tomlinson’s Ex-Girlfriend Eleanor Calder is ‘Hurt’ Over Kissing Pictures

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Louis Tomlinson’s Ex-Girlfriend Eleanor Calder is ‘Hurt’ Over Kissing Pictures
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/One Direction | Louis Tomlinson’s Ex Girlfriend Eleanor Calder is Upset Over His Kissing Pictures just weeks after their breakup

Uh-oh! It looks like Eleanor Calder is hurt overseeing her ex-boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson kissing another woman just weeks after their break up. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

According to HollywoodLife.com, Calder is reportedly hurt after hearing the news that Tomlinson was seen kissing another girl just weeks after their break up. Who would not be hurt, anyway?

“Eleanor hasn’t been seeing anyone and the pictures of Louis kissing another girl in Thailand did really upset her,” a source told HollywoodLife.com.

Before you say that Tomlinson was already single that time, the source added that Calder “still hoped that he would wait to settle things in person rather than kiss the first girl he meets.”

Well it is pretty understandable how she felt hurt and upset to hear that kind of news just weeks after your breakup, much more if you tried to go halfway around the world just to try and save your relationship.

According to Mirror via MailOnline, Calder traveled to Sydney just to make things work between her and Tomlinson. The outlet cited that Calder and the “Steal My Girl” hit maker tried to work on their “differences,” but sadly, things still ended between the two.

The same outlet reported that Calder looked glum after these kissing photos emerged on the Internet.

Tomlinson was photographed “passionately snogging” this mystery lady in the swimming pool during their “On the Road Again” tour in Thailand. Tomlinson, who was only wearing his boxers that time, kissed the mystery lady on and off for about 15 minutes.

So who is this mystery girl that reportedly “snogged” the One Direction member in Thailand?

SugarScape reported that fans have allegedly solved the mystery woman in the kissing photos. According to the outlet, One Directioners think that it is the woman in their “What Makes You Beautiful” music video.

The outlet cited that fans thought that the woman resembled the girl with her locks and curls and all. Until now, it has not yet been confirmed as to whether or not the woman behind the kissing photos was indeed the one in the boys’ music video.

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Photo Source: Facebook/One Direction


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