For the Love of The Game: David Beckham Plays Football Around the World, Wins Hearts

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
For the Love of The Game: David Beckham Plays Football Around the World, Wins Hearts
David Beckham

David Beckham went around the world to shoot a football documentary for the BBC and played football in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. The BBC documentary was a big hit and Beckham’s fans around the world requested that he be knighted for the services he has rendered to the United Kingdom and to the world at large.

David Beckham’s documentary on football on the BBC Network was so moving that his fans started a twitter storm asking that the Queen offer him Knighthood. The beautifully shot BBC Documentary, “For The Love of The Game,” has already garnered stellar reviews from most news and entertainment websites, Mirror UK reports.

The documentary took Beckham to some of the remotest part of the world where he chatted up with the locals and played a few friendly matches with them. The documentary was filmed in some of the remotest places on Earth. The documentary was filmed in remote places like a refugee camp in Djibouti in Africa and even World Heritage Site in Nepal where Beckham played football with a father and his kids. The Daily Mail reports that the documentary also showed the areas of Nepal which had sufferred damage in the 2015 Earthquakes. The footballer was delighted to be part of the project. “Football has given me everything,” the forty year old player confessed. “Now I want to give something back and I want to see how the power of football can unite people around the world.”


He was destined to find a few friends, but he was ever humble – even to the point of asking, “What if they boo?” He was genuinely humble and always polite. And as expected, he always got a warm welcome.

The documentary took Beckham all around the world in 10 days. He visited 11 countries during the filming of the documentary and got back to the UK to play in a UNICEF fundraising match at Old Trafford.

Photo Source: Facebook / David Beckham


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