The Other Lovely Side Of Seohyun: The Girls’ Generation Baby Is Now A Lady

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
The Other Lovely Side Of Seohyun: The Girls’ Generation Baby Is Now A Lady

Girls’ Generation is one of South Korea’s most successful all-girls groups which captivated fans not just locally but from all over the world likewise. Their youngest member, Seohyun, is set to showcase another side of her that makes her more admirable to her followers.

According to a post by AllKPop, in her latest photoshoot for ‘Singles’, her sophisticated beauty was highlighted. This seems to be the transition from her naïve and sweet image jumping aboard into a more classy and chic looks.

The same article described how fabulous she is on every shots wherein she worn different winter items. Turtleneck knits, huge wool coats, name it and Seohyun definitely is a stunner for all the angles she posed in this photoshoot.

It is not a secret how Girls’ Generation treats her as their adorable little sister. In her birthday bash last June 28, the whole group celebrated it by having dinner and karaoke, as stated by Soompi. She still looked like a cute teenager even as she turned 24. Another member of the group, Tiffany, greeted her on social media by sharing a picture from their concert included with the caption “happy birthday to baby sis.”


Aside from her charm and talent, there are more reasons why she is idolized by many young fans. International Business Times enumerated some trivia and facts about the Korean star. She is a polyglot who can speak four different languages namely Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese. Also, she was entrusted to become the voice actress to the dubbed version of the popular animated films “Despicable Me 2” and “Despicable Me”. Another feather in her cap is when she was designated as South Korea’s “Goodwill Ambassador for Student Fitness” in South Korea last 2010 by the Seoul Metropolitan Office.

The ever-growing success of Seohyun along with her group Girls’ Generation, will continue to surge in the future with the constant support of followers. What else are in store for their fans in the years to come?

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Photo Source: Girls Generation/Facebook

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