The Lovers Movie 2017: A Film That Tells Love Can Regenerate

By Eva Artosilla | 1 year ago
The Lovers Movie 2017: A Film That Tells Love Can Regenerate
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The Lovers could be one of the love stories that tell of the beauty and blessing of being in love with another person. In a way, it is. But it tells more like love can regenerate or grow again out of a very desperate situation.

The film stars Debra Winger and Tracy Letts who play husband and wife.  They play Mary and Michael, a couple who once found love but as the years unfold, they found themselves more in love with different people. When their illicit lovers demand that they leave their partners, they awkwardly found that they still love each other. Then they took the journey back towards the regeneration of their love.

The film that will start filming next month and produced by A24 is a comedy-love story. The Lovers is said to be a contemporary take on marriages on the 21st century. Azazel Jacobs was commissioned to direct the film from a script that he himself penned, as reported by Deadline.

Debra Winger and Tracy Letts are in the final talks with producers Ben LeClair and Chris Stinson. This is going to be another wonderful movie from the producers of the Oscars Best Picture Moonlight.

Azazel Jacobs, the son of experimental filmmaker Ken Jacobs, has directed other feature films like Terri, The GoodTimesKid, Nobody Needs to Know and Momma’s Man. He has also worked on short films like Danger 44, Dear Mexico, Oh Wee!, Kirk and Kerry and Message Machine.

Debra Winger is getting good reviews for her performance in Netflix’s The Ranch with Sam Elliott. The Tony-and- Pulitzer-winning playwright in August: Osage Country Tracy Letts was cast in Homeland and Ryan Gosling’s The Big Short. He won a Tony for his participation in Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

The Lovers

The Lovers Is A Hilarious Film On Love And Cheating

The film is a comedy and the hilarious scenes are the ones they do while “cheating” on their lovers. Their lovers will cling to them that they have to find ways to evade and totally split from them. It seems like the world turned upside down that the real couple are hiding from their flings.

On a serious note, the film is a must-see for those who are contemplating divorce. The film tells how to rekindle the flame that has ebbed on the normal course of married life.

The cast aside from Winger and Letts are Aidan Gillen, Melora Walters, Lesley Fera, Janine Mitchell, Eric Satterberg, Tyler Ross and Jessica Sula. The Lovers will hit the theaters on May 5.

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